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FMA Direct has been an industry leader in the development and marketing of products for the Radio Control (R/C) hobby industry since the mid 1980’s. Since the mid-2000’s, our emphasis in the hobby market has been to develop high-quality, high-power, safe chargers, and other products crafted for simple, effective, battery management and battery maintenance. Our full line of R/C product offerings are marketed to retail and wholesale customers worldwide under the tradename Revolectrix (TM).

The R/C hobby industry still drives FMA Directs’ engineering focus for consumer product development, especially in power plant and battery charging technologies. With the rapid emergence of UAV and lithium technologies in recent years, FMA Direct has found a waiting market with companies that require custom solutions for charging and powering products used in military and commercial applications. FMA Direct is dedicated to helping you find the solution to your unique requirements.


At FMA Direct, success is defined by our ability to meet our customer’s needs. With a strong focus on collaboration with our customers, FMA Direct strives to meet the unique and constantly changing challenges of businesses today. Our commitment to innovate and bring new ideas to deliver the best solution for our customers is what has driven us for 35 years.


  • Balance Charging using micro-controller technology
  • Proportionally-Controlled Individual Cell Balancing Technology
  • High-Current Balance Charging and Power Section Technology
  • Charge support for any and all battery chemistries
  • BUMP Controller(TM) Technology utilizing color, touch-screen LCD User Interface to control up to 4 battery workstations simultaneously
  • Battery Pack Design and manufacturing including Li batteries with battery management (Smart Batteries)
image 1
  • Utilization of NFC Technology for the purpose of storing unique battery charging parameters in NFC “BUMPTags(TM)”
  • Utilization of Bluetooth 4LE to facilitate wireless communication between a battery maintenance device and hand-held computers and/or laptops
image 2
  • Battery Maintenance Software
  • Software for Graphing Data
  • Software for Recording Battery Pack History Data