Introducing The 5 Best RC Bashers Of 2022 (Must-Read Buying Guide)

Introducing The 5 Best RC Bashers Of 2022 (Must-Read Buying Guide)

Are you looking for the best RC bashers for your kids? Check out the comprehensive buying guide below and see what products deserve a try!

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If you are an avid fan of racing, then you are no stranger to RC bashers. Not only do they provide good fun, but they are also suitable for all age ranges. That said, not everyone is aware of how to buy the best RC bashers

In the article below, we will explore the top 5 products living up to the hype and give you a detailed buying guide for preference. Keep reading to find out more!

What To Look For When Buying RC Bashers?

If you wish to purchase the best RC truck for bashing, make sure to read through these factors above and look for them in your purchase.


As your truck is used for bashing around, chances are it will come into contact with lots of obstacles. Hence, reliability and durability are the two key components that make or break a good basher. 

If you feel like your basher is too flimsy, it may not survive the road for long. Examine its build quality, protective layers, and materials to see how shock absorbent a truck could be. 

Ground clearance 

Ground clearance is the distance between a truck’s lowest part and the ground’s surface. A best RC basher truck should have as much ground clearance as possible, so that it can travel off-road more comfortably.


Compared to RC racers, bashers are a more economical option. You should never spend lavishly on these tools, since in most cases, they are overpriced. Find products within an acceptable price range and learn about the maintenance cost also. 

Availability of spare parts

Most RC bashers require a swap once every two to three months. If your product is a limited or rare model on the market, you will have more difficulties trying to find matching gears. Thus, it is wiser to buy common items where you can get inner parts replaced at the nearest shop.

5 Best RC Bashers (Reviews With Pros & Cons)

Traxxas 68054-1-GRN Truck – Best Overall

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Are you looking for the best RC basher for the money? Traxxas 68054-1-GRN truck is your go-to option. Traxxas is a household name in the industry, providing dependable trucks with a comfortable price tag. It is also low maintenance, as all spare parts are sold almost everywhere. 

With this purchase, rest assured that you will not have to worry about either the initial investment or durability. Even the most rigorous impact will keep this item intact. For a product that is meant to hit and get hit frequently, this level of sturdiness is indeed a reassurance.

That being said, this model is not exactly the most powerful model. Its performance is rather average, which can be off-putting for professional players. 


  • Well-known brand name.
  • Spare parts are easy to find.
  • Highly durable.


  • Only suitable for beginners. 

Recommended age: Best for anyone above 12 years old.

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Traxxas Slash 2Wd Truck – Best Reviews

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Another product from Traxxas is the Slash 2Wd model. Like its counterpart, this truck stands out with the ability to stay waterproof, even under the most unfavorable weather conditions. 

With a titan 12-turn 550 motor, Slash 2Wd can go up to 30mph. It also comes with a metal gear Magnum 272 transmission with torque-control slipper clutch, which means you get total control over how your truck crashes the ground. Impressive, right?

Unfortunately, there is one small downside of this item. The charger and battery needed for this truck are not included in the package. Hence, you will need to buy them separately, which can be a nuisance for many customers.


  • Waterproof.
  • Speedy and sturdy.
  • Total control for the user.


  • Accessories are not included.

Recommended age: Best for teenagers.

Losi RC Truck – Best For Maneuverability

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The next product that I want to recommend is the Losi model. At first glance, some people are concerned over how small it appears compared to other models. But in reality, such low ground clearance gives this vehicle more maneuverability when driving at high speeds. 

You are not likely to come into any trouble handling the control, as Losi is tuned to each movement within seconds. That is not to mention its brushless motor, which offers perfect sync between your remote control and the vehicle itself.

But this product is not without flaws. As mentioned above, the majority of bashers require high ground clearance for more stability on the road. Given its absence in this model, some users might be disappointed. 


  • Easier to handle and control.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Less trouble while driving.


  • Lack of ground clearance.

Recommended age: Best for anyone above 14 years old.

ARRMA Truck – Best For Performance

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Are you interested in trucks with excellent performance? If yes, ARRMA is an excellent choice. With its mega 12T torquey motor, the Spektrum LTS3 transmitter and SLR300 receiver, ARRMA prides itself on the ability to surpass other models within the same price range. 

Furthermore, this rc monter truck can go through all kinds of terrains, from muddy roads, greenery to gardens and snowy routes. 

And the best part? There is no need to be an expert to control the truck. It is beginner-friendly and will adjust to your needs in no time. You will also be pleased to know that each package has its own ready-to-run batteries, sparing you from the ordeal of purchasing them separately. 

Still, it is worth noting that all these benefits do not come at a reasonable price. ARRMA is on the expensive side, as each product can cost up to $340. Should you need to tighten your budget, then this truck might not be ideal.


  • Fast speed with impressive performance.
  • Versatile.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Everything is included. 


  • Not budget-wise.

Recommended age: Best for anyone above 12 years old.

Redcat Racing Volcano Truck – Best For Budget

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The final product among the best RC bashers today is the Racing Volcano model from Redcat. To me, the most noticeable feature of this model is how affordable it is. If you are new to the game and want to try out how trucks perform first, buying this item will not cost you much. 

As for other features, Racing Volcano consists of a fully adjustable suspension and a lightweight lower chassis plate, making it pretty solid when driving. The waterproof electronics and 2.4GHz radio system to control the truck also deserve mentioning since they are the key factors that keep the vehicle up and running.

But do not get all hyped up on Racing Volcano, as this product is very much a low-end item. You can use this for several months and see how bashers go. But should you want a long-term, durable basher, this item will not suffice.


  • Cheap and easy to buy.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Acceptable performance. 


  • Limited lifespan. 
  • Not on par with other bashers. 

Recommended age: Best for kids.


Buying the best RC bashers should not be a problem once you have finished this article. Make sure to check out the pros and cons before making your decision, and you are good to go!