Traxxas Battery Not Charging – Common Reasons and How to Fix It

Traxxas Battery Not Charging – Common Reasons and How to Fix It

Why won’t my Traxxas battery charge? People usually wonder when they use this kind of battery. 

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There are many possible reasons for this problem. And you have to make sense of the right reason with each case to fix it. This article will give you some common reasons and tips for fixing Traxxas battery not charging problems. 

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Traxxas battery not charging

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Possible Reasons for Traxxas Battery Not Charging

Different types of batteries may have some different problems. This article will go on with specific reasons for Lipo and NiMH battery. Different types of the battery may have some different problems. This article will go on with specific reasons for Lipo and NiMH batteries. 

Lipo Battery

Lipo Battery

A fault charger is likely to be one of the reasons for making the lipo battery, not charge. Although this situation doesn’t usually happen, your battery cannot charge because sometimes. 

Try charging another battery pack before turning your LiPo charger into a paperweight, as the problem may lie with the power source and not necessarily inside your charger.

You might think you need a new battery if your device runs out too quickly, but sometimes it can be charged up again. If plugging in the charger doesn’t make any difference, go ahead and try one of your backup batteries instead. 

If it still isn’t working properly, it might mean you need a replacement after all.

Another possible reason for your LiPo battery’s charging failure is the possibility of a loose wire connection somewhere. The wires, connectors, or plugs may need re-soldering, possibly due to a possible physical malfunction discovered with either a multimeter or continuity tester.

To ensure your project is well-connected, you can check and clean myriad individual parts. If you spot fraying wires that may affect your object’s performance due to a poor connection, it’s better to replace them altogether.

One of the reasons why a lipo battery won’t accept a charge is over-discharging – meaning it has taken in too much of a charge. 

Over-discharging can cause an issue where the device will send you an error message. That makes it seem like your laptop battery, or mobile phone doesn’t have enough power, when in fact, it could just be that the battery isn’t being charged anymore and needs to function at 100% capacity again.

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NiMH Battery

NiMH Battery

When it comes to NiMH batteries, one should take care not to discharge them so far that they cannot be recharged. The cycle count will then become unknown, and the charger might think that there are too many cells inside your battery pack, which could lead to damage and even fire when trying to charge the pack.

On the other hand, if your charger isn’t working properly, there’s a good chance that your battery pack will refuse the charge. Try charging another device with your charger to confirm if the fault in the charger will affect other devices like your phone or tablet. 

Remember, it’s always important to double-check that any electrical item you’re going to use for yourself works properly and doesn’t cause harm in the process – so don’t skip any steps when attempting to troubleshoot.

Besides, there could be a problem with your battery’s circuit. Check your batteries’ circuits to detect if this is why your batteries aren’t charging.

How Long Does Traxxas Battery Normally Last?

Traxxas RC batteries can last around 40 to 50 minutes before recharging. However, it may be less if you heavily use them and don’t keep them at a 40% charge. 

It would help if you even let the battery drain to 0% once in a while because that helps preserve your Traxxas RC battery by refreshing it so you can get longer runs without charging up. Slower charges are also recommended to help preserve your battery. 

If, for some reason, you want to store your Traxxas RC batteries for an extended amount of time, make sure it’s fully charged, and then keep it in a cool place out of direct light.

The life expectancy of a Traxxas battery can differ greatly because LiPo batteries have different lifespans in comparison with NiMH ones. LiPo batteries usually live for 300-500 cycles, and NiMH batteries last for 1000 cycles.

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Tips to Fix This Problem

After identifying the right problem with the Traxxas battery charger not working, you can follow these tips to handle it. 

Handle with Dead Lipo

To avoid the damaging effects of discharging the LiPo battery too far below 3.0V/cell, always use a LiPo lower voltage alarm when charging to monitor and prevent this from happening. 

Many chargers on the market today won’t let you charge a being charged at less than 2.5V/cell. Thus, you must check your specific charger’s instructions for your model to ensure that it will not try to charge a battery discharged too far already. 

Many chargers have an automatic cutoff that activates if a cell falls below around 2.7V/cell. Therefore, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t happen on its own, but if it doesn’t, the best thing is to plug in a low-voltage warning device or, better yet.

An automatic cutoff device immediately because if you attempt to charge beyond these parameters, it can be potentially fatal and even result in fire.

Revive the NiMH Battery

First, it’s important to ensure that the battery hasn’t been left charging for too long. If so, you may want to unplug it and try again after a few minutes. If your battery is still dead, you’re going to want to revive the battery.

Select two AA batteries of the same mAh value and check that they are fully charged. Connect the positive terminal of one battery to the positive terminal of the other battery. Connect their negative terminals in the same manner. 

Then, leave them like this for approximately 20-30 seconds. Afterward, check to see if the voltage on the first battery is above 0 volts using your voltmeter. If it is, then you’ve successfully revived your dead battery.

If the battery has yet to charge even after trying your best to revive it with the steps, we have provided for you in this article, and please try again. Continue with this method multiple times if necessary. 

Try it several times before giving up on the idea entirely. Just so you know, when you can get a laptop to start like this, everything will go back to normal without fail, and then you can take your time and reliably charge it until full.


Following the steps above and you can fix the problem with the Traxxas battery not charging. You will not have to ask, “Why is my Traxxas battery not charging?” any longer. 

If you need further information about this situation, don’t hesitate to contact us via hotline or email. We are always willing to help you!